Chromecast on Android

billyfieldman, Apr 27, 12:26pm
Just bought a Chromecast dongle and play around a bit. It works well with my Chrome browser on my PC.

However on Android phone, the Chrome browser doesn't have the ability to cast anything. There is no way to cast browser, photo or video that is stored in the phone. Is there anything I can install on the phone to allow me to do that?

suicidemonkey, Apr 27, 12:29pm
What phone? Latest version of Chrome? What version of Android? Not all combinations are compatible.

billyfieldman, Apr 27, 2:07pm
Samsung S3
Chrome ver 42.0.2311.109
Android 4.3
Chromecast app installed

clip1, Apr 27, 3:44pm
Localcast app works pretty well

wotz_it_2_ya, Apr 27, 7:48pm
I've never had any trouble

ross1970, Apr 27, 9:19pm
Casting your screen on an android device using the Chromecast app is only from 4.4.2 onwards as far as I know. So maybe try a third party app.

billyfieldman, Apr 28, 7:07am
Thanks. Will check that out.

billyfieldman, Apr 28, 7:18am
Thanks. I was trying to cast a Chrome browser tab to display web pages on the TV.

billyfieldman, Jan 3, 10:13am
Localcast works.

I have also discovered that EZcast app works with Chromecast too.

Interestingly, I uninstalled Chrome browser from my Android phone and casting still works.

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