HDMI cable connect to TV to PC get black screen

portly, Apr 14, 5:15am
When I plug HDMI cable into PC get black screen, have Google and tried all the suggestions but still will not working.
Driver updates, change settings, fn f4, Win P, buttons
Was working then had Windows update, have been trying to connect ever since
HP Notebook 4540s
Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
Any help appreciated , thanks

nzdoug, Apr 14, 7:53am
some tvs have a lot of hdmi slots so you have to be on the right one.

portly, Apr 15, 6:00pm
Only has one slot was working on this slot, now is not, computer goes black screen

intrade, Apr 15, 8:07pm
do you have a dual switching card like i got a software switching card from intel to radeon grafix . and i think your update has corrupted the driver , When you update a driver the old driver must first be uninstalled on winblows Think of it like this win throws all information in a pot of soup as words you know them pasta with letters you have in soups.
Then it will make sense of the soup while its been stirred so the more crap floats in the soup that is the same will bring it to its knees.
Any driver must be fully uninstalled befor upgraded on winblows , i even use ccleaner after uninstall when a problem like this occures.
Its not called winblows for no reason.

cafc2012, Apr 15, 10:55pm
Is the HDMI cable plugged into the HDMI port on the motherboard or a port on a dedicated video card?

Have you tried running the TV and Monitor as dual screens, so that you can operate the pc and diagnose the problem with the tv connected?

portly, Feb 12, 7:55pm
intrade I think this may be it, windows did update about time I lost it, how do I remove and replace\update the driver and which driver is it.

cafc2012 as the computer screen is black I cannot put it into dual screen on after and if I do it before I plug the HDMI (going directly into the HDMI port) once it`s plugged in, the screen on the computer is black so have no control

thanks people, gardening is so much simpler.

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