Laptop issues.

chikbiskuit, Apr 9, 3:47am
wil post in other threads too - this issue is really annoying so trying to get it sorted!

I have an Apple Macbook pro - theres a couple of websites that in the last few days I haven't been able to go to. Its only been in the last week (max) that I can't access them - one being ANZ internet banking - I can't even get on their website with any of my devices (Macbook, iPad & iPhone) - theres a couple of others aswell - any advice as to what it could be. I know the ANZ website seems ok, other people seem to be using it without issues.

suicidemonkey, Apr 9, 4:16am
If you're not able to access certain websites on any device, the first thing I'd try is resetting your router/modem.

I'd then download a different browser on your Macbook (like Chrome) in case the issue is with the default browser, Safari.

If all else fails, call your ISP. Could be a DNS issue or any number of other reasons.

chikbiskuit, Mar 9, 2:19pm
seems to be working in Google chrome - thanks for the suggestion!

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