How do I get rid of multiple unwanted 'pop-ups'

It have got a nasty virus that causes a lot of unwanted pop-ups. I am running Windows 8, windows defender finds no issues. I have loaded anti-malware software that finds threats, I delete them and them they come straight back. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get fix this? Thanks in advance.

geek_1tsme, May 26, 9:56 pm

geek_lostdude, May 26, 10:05 pm

Thanks lostdude - will give it a go :-)

geek_1tsme, May 26, 10:32 pm

what 'anti-malware' have you tried?

geek_king1, May 26, 11:14 pm

Malwarebytes currently - it finds a lot of PUPS which I delete but they appear again pretty quickly. I have just down a system restore so hopefully that will solve my problem - what anti-malware do you use?

geek_1tsme, May 26, 11:23 pm

geek_king1, Oct 13, 9:11 pm

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