Win XP to Win 7 upgrade, where to get it?

Anyone knows how and where I can upgrade my current WinXP to Win7, legally or illegally? Jerry Lee said he could only do Win10 in a couple weeks time.

geek_michelangelo135, Aug 3, 11:20 am

Just buy a new(er) PC that comes with a Windows 7 license.

geek_vtecintegra, Aug 3, 11:21 am

around how much? There's nothing wrong with my current pc, just a new software won't install into WinXP.

geek_michelangelo135, Aug 3, 11:28 am

Depends on your needs.

You can get a decent ex lease desktop which is fine for basic use for around $150 (something like an HP 8000)

geek_vtecintegra, Aug 3, 11:39 am

any windows 7 dvd will allow you to perform an upgrade

i have one if you need one

geek_pcmaster, Aug 3, 11:47 am

Get an old ex-lease PC with a Win7 Pro license/CoA. $60-$85. I've done that a couple of times. Then find the appropriate ISO to download.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 3, 1:17 pm

I would love to have one, pcmaster. Please contact username at the google mail. Many thanks.

geek_michelangelo135, Aug 3, 3:40 pm

and since it hasn't been mentioned already, there is no direct upgrade path from XP to 7. It is a clean install and copy back data, install all applications

geek_king1, Aug 3, 4:42 pm

Thanks, king1

geek_michelangelo135, Aug 4, 9:18 am

you should have mail

geek_pcmaster, Mar 31, 10:22 am

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