Dangers of a lap top

molly37, Mar 31, 6:58am
I had an old laptop which would get rather hot. It would rest mainly on my lap and tummy and I am now having a lot of pain in my lower abdomen and my doctor is sending me for scan. I would be on it every night for a couple of hours. I must admit I have worried in the past that it might not be good for ones health. The internet provides me with mixed information.

r.g.nixon, Mar 31, 7:06am
That wouldn't be good for a man's fertility, but I haven't heard of it causing problems in women.

schizoid, Mar 31, 7:55am
or one of those laptop "cooler pads". They dont really do SFA for the temps, unless the intake (and exhaust) is being blocked, which from the sounds of it it quite likely is. But it will definitely keep the direct heat off you. Or alternatively use a large book to rest it on.

oclaf, Mar 31, 9:22am
What makes you think that your pain is in anyway related to your laptop. Do you have solid evidence? As you have described it, the link sounds tenuous at best.

galex, Mar 31, 12:37pm
Dosen't sound any worse than having a head pad or a hot water bottle on your lap. I think your problems are unrelated to the lap top. Hope your tests go well.

molly37, Mar 31, 1:45pm
Yes, you are probably right. Just wondered if there was anything like electromagnetic nasties etc. thanks

gsimpson, Apr 1, 2:38am
The extra heat from blocking the cooling vents means the laptop has been suffering more than you. Unlikely to have had any effect on you as the EMF radiation is very low.

mattnzw, Apr 1, 3:25am
Do you use Wifi, which is a form of electromagnetic radiation? But apparently there are no proven health issues caused by it to date. They were thinking of preventing children at school using wifi, due to the unknowns around it, but all that has died down now.

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