ratherbefishin, Apr 19, 8:07am
and sometimes the screen moves too? Another thing is I can type a paragraph and it just disappears? any ideas?

On Windows 7.

mouse_y, Apr 19, 8:19am
malware . run >>

ratherbefishin, Apr 19, 8:31am
I've got that with Norton. didn't work.

loud_37, Apr 19, 8:34am
is this on a laptop, your palm tapping the touch pad when your typing

wayne416, Apr 19, 8:38am
Stupid i know but you haven't got a wireless mouse your not using at the moment but use on that computer and its sending signal. Happened to someone i know, Was in laptop bag turned on.

waynenz, Apr 19, 10:34am
Norton is an antivirus and not for finding malware

suicidemonkey, Apr 19, 10:35am
Depends what version. Norton Internet Security does everything

skin1235, Apr 19, 10:39am
if on a desktop, unplug the mouse and see if it still moves, if not turn the mouse over and clean it underneath
I've had a very small spidersweb do this under an optical mouse

black-heart, Apr 19, 8:36pm
just not very well.

possum257, Apr 20, 3:49am
ratherbefishin, my wireless mouse does the same often and my theory is that like most things, computer mice go past their 'use by date' too. Somewhere I read that the mouse battery running low could be causing this but that doesn't wash with me.

ratherbefishin, May 16, 3:59am
No, neither that. it is wire type mouse. Cursor can jump around text anywhere and sometimes deletes whole paragrahps? I've run Norton full and still problems?

nice_lady, May 16, 5:14am
so is it a laptop or desktop ?

r.g.nixon, Nov 19, 3:27am
Check in the mouse LED. Could be a fine bit of fluff/fibre in it.

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