Laptop buying advise

jojo76, May 13, 11:26pm
Im after a laptop for business purposes, payroll, accounting software etc also want to add Office for spreadsheets etc.
So im wanting to spend the bare minimum for me to do these tasks.
So I see there is chromebooks that are quite cheap - will one of those be suitable? If not can you recommend one please?

suicidemonkey, May 13, 11:36pm
It depends on what software you need to run.
Chromebooks don't run Windows. I'm assuming you will need Windows to run your accounting software?

Anyway, any current Windows laptop will do what you need it to. Go into an electronics store and find one you like. Generally spending $700-1000 will get you a reasonable quality laptop.

You can get them for $400-500 that will do what you want but you're sacrificing build quality and reliability.

pyro_sniper2002, May 14, 3:26am
Why would you want to spend the bare minimum for something as business critical as a laptop? Buy a business laptop. Something with a 3 year warranty like the HP ProBook/EliteBook series or the Dell or Lenovo business laptop offerings. Also add a backup solution into the cost if you don't already have something.

lucky.gadgets, May 14, 4:45am
Laptops in the $500 range are entry level, that means they are low powered, cheaper components, noisier, low quality screens & sound, poorer battery life, and not as durable. You'll likely end up rather frustrated with it, especially if you have a few things open at the same time for multitasking, which would easily be the case with business work.

I would recommend a mid range laptop from a reputable brand if you are wanting a laptop that will be durable enough to last 3+ years and be value for money. $800 - $1000 range.

r.g.nixon, May 14, 5:16am
Ex-lease HP Elitebooks are solid machines. I bought one from this company a few weeks ago. Auction 884906652

jojo76, May 14, 8:01am
Im a farmer so my 'business' work isn't as large scale as other's. I use banklink monthly, payroll fortnightly then we have a software program that we have for all animal records (calving etc) used daily and want office for cashflow shreadsheets and that's it. no invoicing etc

jojo76, May 14, 8:38am
At the moment i use our family desktop computer, which my son uses for gaming, which is just not appropriate anymore so just want cheap and nasty to do my basic business work. I do understand about spending more money will give me a far superior laptop, but more $$ I have not got!

suicidemonkey, Nov 25, 10:22pm
Well if it's an entry level laptop you want, head over to any of the big electronics stores. I regularly see Warehouse Stationery advertising an entry level HP 15" laptop for $400ish. Just don't expect it to last long.

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