Recommend a good ad blocker for internet explorer

dibble35, Mar 9, 7:02am
Preferably a free download ad blocker for windows xp and internet explorer, thanks

oclaf, Mar 9, 7:49am
Ditch Explorer.
Chrome/Firefox + adblock plus.

king1, Mar 9, 9:45am
you really should not be using IE in XP - it is very insecure and out of date these days

schizoid, Mar 9, 11:02am
I remember reading a thing a while ago by the creator of adblock plus explaining why there would never be a version for internet explorer. It came down to IE being too much of a pain in the arse to develop for. I dont know if this is still the case, but I'd suggest doing what was said in the first response.

wayne416, Mar 9, 1:02pm

cj_s, Mar 9, 8:55pm
Outdated info. I am using Adblock Plus for IE and it's great:

Not sure whether it works with Windows XP though.

dibble35, Mar 10, 4:37am
Ok thanks for the info

dibble35, Jun 2, 9:26pm
Yes it works. thanks. Bliss not to have 2-3 ads pop up everytime I want to watch something online, thanx

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