New TM page style & Google analytics

Not happy with how TM have set up the new page style but even less happy with the fact that Q&A is hidden if you block the Google analytics cookie.

Listing details are all over the page now instead of being in tidy rows.
Color scheme is a struggle for me now because it blends in to similar colors too much

geek_mrfxit, Jun 29, 12:49 pm

Looks the same as it always has here

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 29, 12:53 pm

Nothing changed here and have always run Ghostery which blocks Google.

geek_wayne416, Jun 29, 12:57 pm

The new layout has only been applied thus far in certain categories (clothing is one) and is only being 'trialed' on those with even numbered TM accounts, so anyone with an odd numbered account will see no difference.

geek_trader_spence, Jun 29, 4:41 pm

agreed, its crap. provided feedback. but hey this is TM. feedback is a dirty word

geek_kwm30, Jul 11, 5:09 pm

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