34" Ultrawide Monitor + GTX 970 G1 Gaming Card

lifesteala, Jun 11, 7:23am
Hey guys,
I'm looking at buying these two products:

- AOC Professional U3477PQU 34" Ultrawide Monitor
- GV-N970G1 GAMING-4GD Graphics card

I haven't been in the field in recent times and I'm wondering if the graphics card is going to be decent. I'm mainly upgrading for better productivity (work) as I much prefer a single monitor as opposed to two separate ones. I do play games casually and occasionally. I'm not too concerned about playing games at ultra high settings. Maybe high, though.

Would this card be enough to power this monitor?

niklaus, Jun 11, 7:28am
How grunty is your power supply and does it have the 6 pin and 8 pin connectors?

vtecintegra, Jun 11, 7:31am
The 970 is a great card but may not be sufficient to run modern stuff at that screens native resolution at an acceptable frame rate. Should be fine if you're will to drop the resolution down a bit (which actually doesn't look awful in most games)

I don't know about that monitor, but based on other large ultrawides mkae sure you buy from somewhere with a good return policy - a lot of them end up with distracting amounts of backlight bleed.

suicidemonkey, Jun 11, 7:33am
I have the GTX960 - I'm able to play most games @ 2560x1440 at medium/high settings. It's a great card for the price ($330). I probably wouldn't bother paying ~$250 more for a 970 if you're only a casual gamer.

vtecintegra, Jun 11, 7:36am
BTW you can run the smaller 970s off a 400w PSU with a single 8 pin connector (the full sized cards spec 550w but work fine on 450w so long as it has the right connectors and isn't a garbage model)

lostdude, Jun 11, 7:42am
The GTX970 draws 105W less power than the previous generation flagship (GTX780) so I wouldn't be too bothered with the power requirements but yeah, having the correct GPU connector(s) is always preferable. You could get away with a 450W PSU (at least an 80+ Gold certified one that is) so long as you don't have a myriad of HDDs and other components.

lifesteala, Jun 11, 9:09am
For the power supply I have the Corsair AX650 - which I believe is more than enough? I'm certain this has both 6 pin and 8 pin connectors.

I've watched a few videos on the Ultrawide monitors regarding the bleed and I'm staying away from LG models. From what I've seen and read the AOC is pretty good. But will be buying from a reputable company indeed.

As for the games I play and likely to play are League of Legends, The Witcher 3.

Based on the two games above, would GTX960 be decent enough? I mean I would prefer a decent FPS if I can and I'm happy to pay $600~ for the 970 if you all think it would be fine.

The other option is that I can go for the 970 now and add another 970 later if I want in SLI.

suicidemonkey, Jun 11, 9:15am
I'm running a 960 on a 450w psu with a couple of hard drives and 200 watts to spare at full draw. The new Nvidia cards are incredibly efficient.

schizoid, Jun 11, 11:26am
at that resolution you will be wanting GTX 970 minimum. If you are serious about gaming at high graphical settings, a GTX 980 or equivalent will be more ideal. Don't plan around possibly adding another GTX 970 in the future because A/ you probably wont, and B/ The driver suport for SLI further down the line may not be great. Either go with a single GTX 970 and be happy with the performance, or go all out and get a single more powerful GPU.

suicidemonkey, Jun 11, 11:33am
Oh right that display is 3440x1440. Yeah 970 might be a better bet.

One thing to note is that display gets pretty poor reviews.

intrade, Jun 11, 8:48pm
i use my hd tv for gaming like eurotruck simulator but need to build my new pc first . gtx 970 or 960 is on my wish list but not priority as there is more important things then gaming

lifesteala, Jun 11, 8:49pm
Thanks guys - I'll probably go for the 970 and read some reviews. Cheers!

suicidemonkey, Jun 11, 9:57pm

intrade, Jun 14, 4:09am
just built my pc now with the antec psu man they spent a ton of money even on package the plsu is in a special moulded flex antistatic foam and then inside a dedicated bag with welcro stip to open the bag and another bag with welcros for the cables, with name printed antec on the bags, never seen so much effort made on what essentially is just wrapping for the product.
anyhow i am now live here with it from my kanotix dvd booted via dvd rom and here are the specs of the system i built with prices above

kanotix@Kanotix:~$ infobash -v3
Host/Kernel/OS "Kanotix" running Linux 3.16.0-4-amd64 x86_64 [ Kanotix Spitfire-nightly Spitfire64 150509a KDE-special ]
CPU Info Quad Intel Core i5-4690K @ clocked at Min:2650.019Mhz Max:2765.000Mhz 6144 KB cache flags ( sse sse2 nx lm pni vmx )
Videocard Intel Xeon E3-1200 v3/4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller X.Org 1.16.4 [ 1280x1024 ]
Network cards Intel Ethernet Connection (2) I218-V, at port: f080
Processes 164 | Uptime 1:17 | Memory 999.0/15781.0MB | HDD Size 2480GB (6%used) | Client Shell | Infobash v2.67.2

suicidemonkey, Jun 14, 4:47am
The Xeon E3-1200 is a CPU. so is the 4690K. 2 CPUs? lol

intrade, Jun 14, 4:52am
no its integrated graphix on the cpu for the motherboard to use , as far as i know .

schizoid, Jun 14, 4:59am

suicidemonkey, Jun 14, 5:00am
E3-1200 is a CPU, not graphics.

vtecintegra, Jun 14, 5:12am
Those Xeons are essentially i5s with the integrated GPU disabled, a bit more cache and lower clock speeds which is probably why it's showing as an i5

intrade, Jun 14, 5:50am
the processor is running live i was not in bios to set things its a i5 4690K LGA1150 as intel hd 4600 graphics

honeysacat, Jun 14, 11:02pm
You would be wise to consider the something like the R9 290X 4GB or soon to be released R9 390X 4GB or 8GB versions.
The GTX 970 only has 3.5gb of USABLE VRAM which could become a problem since your considering a high res monitor. (the VRAM usage will quickly add up if you use ultra settings + AA etc etc)
Another thing to consider is that Maxwell will only be viable until Nvidias next architecture (Pascal) is released early next year, after that it will have very poor performance relative to Nvidias new cards and AMDs current ones (this is happening right now with Nvidias Keplar based cards, see the forums at Geforce.com)
Please be aware when reading any reviews of AMD graphics cards that the comments may contain false claims of driver problems by so called users of AMD graphics cards, 9 times out 10 these are from trolls paid by Nvidia to do so as part of their "reputation management" system a truly disgusting but very effective marketing tool they use.

vtecintegra, Aug 18, 10:22am
The 290X is worth considering but the 390X looks like being a total fail - you can only push rebrands so far

Also I got a good laugh out of your conspiracy theory - in reality the truth is a lot simpler.

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