Best small business printer

shirley16, Sep 3, 9:42am
Can someone give me an idea what would be the best and economic type of printer for small business. I am a knitting pattern designer and am looking at hoping to save some costs by printing my own patterns.
I have them distrubuted throughout the country now, but the printing cost is a killer.

pyro_sniper2002, Sep 3, 10:58am
How many pages per month (aprox).

intrade, Sep 3, 10:10pm
well i am looking for one also i want 12 volt one , i can tell you what you will need for business
you need a laser printer
in europe i seen a samsung but was black and white only so i did not buy it at the time plus i was not sure if i could get the cartridge here for its printing.
but laser is the only way if your in business

intrade, Sep 3, 10:16pm
ok i did not read your post 1 propperly i did read small printer for some reason like i wanted haha.
Look for jerryscience user probably spelled his name wrong
he sells ink for extreemly low prices and the inks last quite some time whole set of ink is like 8$ for 4 colours thats like 2$ a cartridge
i found another guy whom sells even cheaper ink
Somone said the inks are refilled . i dont think jerrys ones are refilled ones they have factory seals on them. the other supplyer i got mixed inks some with new and missing factory seals both supplyer are ok
inks i needed are for epson printer

shirley16, Sep 4, 12:54am
Printing 500 at present with increasing sales

pyro_sniper2002, Sep 4, 1:23am
Is it just A4 size and smaller? If so something like the Brother HL5470DW as a cheaper option ($400ish). We use an older model as our Fax printer, it does well over 500 per month and has been going fine for over a year. We use HP Laserjet M602dn's in busier areas, they are probably doing 2000+ pages a month with no issues, but are more like $2000 We only buy genuine consumables, unsure how long they will last using 3rd party toners etc.

black-heart, Sep 4, 2:12am
Most printer manufacturers will tell you the cost per page. Basically the more you pay for the printer the cheaper the ongoing costs.
But if you aren't printing big volume its a bit silly.

suicidemonkey, Sep 4, 2:21am
The Canon Maxify range is worth looking at - 2500 page black cartridges and 1500 colour at around $200 for the set if you use genuine. A lot cheaper than colour laser toners.

shirley16, Sep 4, 3:04am
The patterns are on good quality light cars A4 and on both sides. I was wondering about this Canon LBP6300DN Mono Laser Printer.

shirley16, Sep 4, 3:25am

mattnzw, Sep 4, 3:33am
If you are needing colour, there is one that has big tanks on the side. It maybe epson. It is more expensive, but the cheap ones they are basically giving away, as they make the money on the ink sales.

If you are going for laser, a business grade HP maybe the better bet. You can pickup seoncd hand ones really cheap on trademe from computer recyclers. They will also probably have better duplexers. Plus the cost per page is usually less, than these smaller lasers, which have quite small toner cartrdiges.

shirley16, Sep 4, 7:59am
Thank you for all the response to my question.

mrfxit, Sep 4, 8:10am
For large volumes of printing over 50 pages+ per month, forget using an inkjet.
Laser is the only way to go for price of toner + volumes & reliability.

suicidemonkey, Sep 4, 8:58am
Not the case anymore. There are several inkjet printers with a much much lower cost per page than colour lasers.

flower_tears, Dec 15, 3:14am
Do you hand-design your patterns or you do them on a computer? The reason for my question is that, matching and aligning both sides could be a problem. Also, if you do them on a computer, would you consider doing an electronic version distribution (i.e PDF format) where your client(s) can print them on their own printers?, that will saves you heaps.

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