Backing up hard drive, is this free site any good?

kevlight, Feb 6, 5:05am
. having been hit by a scam ,i am on edge !
would prefer peps that have actually down loaded it to give me their, okay or Nay,having been bitten before, with changes to my Browser and search engine, . from free soft ware . need to back up, but am unsure if this is the real deal, any recommends please thanks

rai5, Feb 6, 6:27am
In another thread I was given this suggestion. It may be useful to you.

This (free version) program is probably the best option for backup of everything.
It does 'disk imaging' - what you need for Windows and Programs.
It does 'incremental' - after a full image, does subsequent changes only.
It does creating a 'WinPE bootable media for 'recovery' before your computer HDD dies.

lostdude, Sep 5, 11:24am
Yes. r.g.nixon (that suggested it) and the software are the real deal

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