Computer cords etc

What can I do with all my computer cords etc that I do not use. A shame to throw them out. I have parts for a Acer Compter that I had stolen. They are still in their packets and unused.

geek_clair4, Feb 6, 12:37 am

if only there was a place to sell such stuff hmm.

geek_velenski, Feb 6, 12:45 am

Take up music.

Maybe you could play a few chords. ;-p

geek_exwesty, Feb 6, 1:16 am

Same here. I started a thread on chargers and cord stuff. Same reason - shame to throw them out. Even have unopened audio chords.

geek_footplate1, Feb 6, 1:17 am

Why would you throw them out? Take a pic of them and list them on TM. Isn't that why you're here? If you don't want money for them, start them at $1 reserve. Or give them away on Freestuff, or Freecycle, or Asksharegive, or your local FB free page.

geek_morticia, Feb 6, 1:23 am

Or Mort & me ;-)

geek_mrfxit, Feb 6, 1:30 am

lol I'm about to pretend to purge some of that stuff, but not the adapters. I have some small boxes ready to put things in and everything.

geek_morticia, Feb 6, 1:43 am

I had cords once . they were the fashion at the time.

geek_gibler, Feb 6, 3:00 am

I had a complete suit in cord, fashionable brown!

geek_gammelvind, Feb 6, 5:16 am

Sold a set like that last year, good price for it ;-)

geek_mrfxit, Feb 6, 8:24 am

aren't we all?

geek_pcmaster, Feb 11, 9:31 am

Shhh, I'm working up to it.

geek_morticia, Aug 24, 10:03 am