Advanced format hard drive - install Windows 7

olack, Feb 12, 1:55am
I have another advanced format hard drive here to do an install of Windows 7 Home premium OA. I am not sure how to proceed. My first guess is the hard drive needs to be formatted at Default in Windows 8.1 but will it remain as a 4096 bytes / sector hard drive or will default format format it other than 4096 bytes / sector. I see these advanced format hard drives appear as 512 bytes / sector in diagnostics. What has happened? Could a format change this manufacturers advanced format anyway? Are my guesses correct? I am using Windows 8.1 .

d.snell, Feb 12, 2:09am
Why are you trying to install win 7 on a win 8 formatted drive?

bwg11, Feb 12, 3:10am
Are you sure you are not confusing bytes per sector with bytes per allocation unit (or cluster)

olack, Feb 12, 4:32am
The new hard drive is not formatted. I use a Windows 8.1 computer and an external hard drive adapter to format the new advanced format hard drive in to the Windows 7 laptop.
If the unformatted hdd is installed in the W7 laptop the W7 operating system option to Format is greyed out.

olack, Feb 12, 4:35am
An advanced format hdd is formatted by the manufacturer to 4096 bytes per sector. When the hdd is installed I see it is formatted to what seems to be 512 bytes per sector. I got a shock because I bought and installed a new advanced format hard drive, having not caught up with technological advancements, and see it is installed as a 512 bytes per sector format. Maybe this is an emulated figure, I do not know.

d.snell, Feb 12, 5:29am
So when you put a new unformatted drive in the notebook, put the Windows 7 Home Premium DVD in and boot to DVD, Does it not start the installation program, then find the HDD and prompt you to Format it?

bwg11, Feb 12, 7:09am

hakatere1, Feb 12, 7:48am
olack, you seem to have an unusual thirst for unusual knowledge. Interesting but.

amuso, Feb 12, 8:01am
I bought a laptop and pushed that round on-button thing. Works good.

olack, Feb 13, 6:45am
I looked at the article and divulged the point of the operating systems emulating 512 bytes per sector. I did not use Windows XP so I am clear of problems regarding operating systems. What I may have done to the new advanced format hard drive some months ago is formatted it to 512 bytes per sector not understanding it was already factory formatted to 4096 bytes per sector. I may have formatted it to Default and maybe it was format emulated to 512 bytes per sector < this is what I am hoping because now I see it as a 512 bytes per sector hard drive. I don't quite understand why it is factory formatted as 4096 bytes per sector(unless I have the incorrect term(bytes per sector) here) yet still have to format it have an operating system install or even for the install app to see the hard drive before installing the operating system. ^ also not sure my wording is clear enough for readers. I try.

d.snell, Feb 13, 8:53am
Weird, is it a genuine Win7 DVD? Does the Win7 DVD boot and say "no HDD Found".

d.snell, Feb 13, 8:58am
OK you may need to put in a caddy and run Diskpart clean to reset the partition to a factory default. Follow these instructions

olack, Jul 29, 4:30am
"There is 4 weak sectors on the hard drive." This is part of the Hard Disk Sentinel report. From experiences of attempting to install an operating system on a damaged hard drive, I suspect this is the reason the hdd was not available for format during the W7 installation process. Windows does not seem to like bad hard drives.

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