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HI Guys

I have a Ricoh printer/scanner that I am having trouble scanning over the network to a windows 7 laptop using a Twain driver. Seems Windows firewall has blocked it, Does anyone know which port I need to add an incoming exception for? Thanks a lot.

geek_pedro.b, Feb 23, 2:47 am

you could try what is suggested here.

In someways though it is a lot less hassle to setup the scan to email.

geek_king1, Feb 23, 2:57 am

Sorry I should have mentioned. I have tried UDP ports: 137, 138
TCP port: 139 We have to use the twain driver as we scan a lot to a piece of software.

geek_pedro.b, Feb 23, 3:01 am

What model is your Ricoh multifunction?

geek_lostdude, Feb 23, 5:19 am

Ricoh Aticio MP161 SPF

geek_pedro.b, Feb 23, 8:48 am

You shouldn't need twain drivers for a network attached and properly configured Ricoh. It uses SMB so you just need to share a folder on your laptop then login to your printer via ip and point it to your shared folder.

If your Ricoh is leased, ring them to come out and configure it for you.

geek_lostdude, Jul 12, 9:16 am

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