Problem Connecting to Broadband

Hi all, I need some help in figuring out why this is happening:-

I bought this new pc, installed windows 7 o/s, downloaded network driver. PC connects to broadband internet via a network cable.

But each new re-start / re boot in the morning will have a problem where it cant connect and I couldnt figure out why: I have to manually unplug & replug the network cable and reboot the pc so it will automatically connects to internet:

It has been happening for a 2weeks now and I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

geek_sxpang, Aug 11, 8:48 am

looks like you have an extra network connection that might be messing things up. Are you using a vpn of some kind?
On the top left change adapter settings - post a screen shot

geek_king1, Aug 11, 9:45 am

Hi king1, thanks for replying.
I am not sure if I am using vpn (?)
Here's the screen shot for adapter settings (this screen shot is for currently connected to internet)

geek_sxpang, Mar 3, 3:55 am

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