Canon printer question - makes me mad!!!!!

nzoomed, Jul 13, 5:39am
Canon printer question - makes me mad!!!!! i have bought my new canon ip4500 printer, and love its printing results, although ive noticed now that my printer is actually using color inks when printing BLACK text! i know my old HP deskjet 640c used to do it, even though it had a seperate black cartridge, but why the hell does canon make its new printers still use color inks even on black??? its got its own black ink and that is supposed to be only used for black, there is no reason to put color into black, i think its a smart way for canon to make more money from selling new ink! anyone else have the same problem?

deodar, Jul 13, 5:48am
Not Really.My P1800 is out of colour But still printing black text,Colour
has run out after 2 weeks of not at
all using it.I haven't printed since
it was new cartridge,now Thats a rip off.....Keeps telling me it's empty.

kotrab, Jul 13, 5:53am
When you print do you instruct the printer to use 'greyscale' in the properties?

russ18, Jul 13, 7:05am
Laser printers are so cheap now.. Worth having two printers - a good colour one and a mono laser.

kotrab, Jul 13, 7:11am
It did occur to me after my reply that the poster may have been referring to a combination scenario with black text interspersed with colour features. Why doesn't #000000 in any situation indicate 'use the black cartridge only' ? Dunno :)

art4ukiwi, Jul 13, 7:17am
I keep an extra Pixma Cannon BLACK ink refill bottle. Stationary warehouse. Refill your own works for me.

nzoomed, Jul 13, 11:27am
Yes but you cant do that when you want it to print black text and color together! which i am doing quite alot on cd labels etc

soodanim, Jul 13, 11:32am
Well then don't choose it when you want to print colour as well? How back is the black? Is it true black? It may look black to you but it may not be a true black...Text or images?

hakatere1, Jul 13, 7:39pm
I love my Canon ip4500. It has two black carts, one called BK and the other larger one called PGBK. I don't know what the difference is. A quote from the manual, " Color ink may be consumed even when printing a black-and-white document or when black-and-white printing is specified.
Color ink is also consumed in Print Head Cleaning and Print Head Deep Cleaning, which may be necessary to maintain the printer's performance. When an ink tank is out of ink, replace it immediately with a new one." For under $200, still a good quality printer.

cacteur, Jul 14, 2:49am
That's probably it.. .. true black, or registration black, is all four colours together, and is usually controlled from your 'Print' menu. Once you select full colour you'll get registration black, not grayscale black.

deodar, Jul 14, 2:54am
I've consumed 3 colour cartridges Still on the 1st black,& it still has
plenty.At $50 more economical to buy
another printer,than all thes colour cartridges,even for refills.

soodanim, Jul 14, 3:03am
I have a ip4300 I use compatible ink and get all 5 for $50.05 + GST (delivery included)

eagles9999, Jul 14, 4:42am
Re So whats the recommendation for a cheap colour laser printer then?

dannyboy535i, Jul 15, 3:43am
Pixma 5000 I have had the Pixma 5000 for almost three years and I use Calidad Refils, 3/$21.00..These are a Robust Printer but just be careful with the "Big Black Cart "that is Pigment Ink,if anything is going to block those 1 Picolitres Jets ,a Pigment Based Ink will and then its Goodby Printer..Not a Bad Idea to useOriginal Canon Ink for the Big Text Cart.

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