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vitaminh, Mar 29, 5:26am
Hi Guys. So I bought a cheapy acer which came with a measly 2GB ram in it. so I purchased an 8GB stick which is the max one slot capacity of my new acer. Disassembled the laptop to get it in (as acer no longer let you whip one small panel off the back to insert ram) and just got a black screen. Swapped back to the factory ram and alls well. Which ram do I need? this is the ram I took out of the laptop in question. Will any DDr3L ram work? I think the ram I purchased wasnt ddr3L only ddr3? http://tinyurl.com/ovp2bdc
Cheers guys :) on the + side I now know how to pull apart new model Acers :)

skin1235, Mar 29, 5:53am
what do the specs of that 'cheaper acer' say it will handle as max ram
you may find it cannot handle 8

vtecintegra, Mar 29, 5:59am
Yes you need to consider voltage - you need 1.35V and normal DDR3 is 1.5

Probably not too much point in going to 8GB though.

vitaminh, Mar 29, 7:07am
Cheers I thought it might have been a voltage thing. And it has one slot that can take up to 8gb. Also why wouldn't you recommend 8gb? I'm not bothered about spending a bit extra. Cheers again.

vtecintegra, Mar 29, 7:11am
Because the rest of the system is only meant for very lightweight usage I see 8GB as a bit of a waste - remember the CPU is these is only about 2/3rds as powerful as a 6 year old mobile Core2 Duo

mazdasix, Mar 29, 7:26am
Yeah you won't see a benefit using 8gb of ram. 4gb Is plenty

schizoid, Mar 29, 12:31pm
RAM isn't one of those thing where the more you have the faster stuff will run. It's only once you start using more memory than you have that things slow down. If you are only doing usual internettings, youtube, music, movies etc your usage will probably be below 4GB (but likely over 2GB). If you have 8GB there will probably just be 4GB sitting there idle, therefore a waste of $. 4GB is probably a good amount for your system.

As a general rule, 8GB is a good amount for gamers, 16GB for people who do photoshopping, video editing etc, more than that usually people doing design work and the like. Obviously this may vary from user to user.

vitaminh, Apr 10, 11:14pm
Thanks for the advice guys. I have just purchased a 4gb ddr3L sodimm stick. Cheers again and go the black caps :)

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