Viber out ?

comadi, Feb 6, 9:31pm
Can anyone tell me if when you are on viber, are 'viber out' calls to NZ 0800, 0508 and 111 numbers still free or do they come off your viber credit ?

And can you text a non viber phone through viber ?
When I saw their rates for viber out calls it only showed mobile & land line call rates.


bravo73, Feb 6, 10:39pm
The other party has the to be a member of viber as well, Otherwise you can't call them, but if they are it's free

comadi, Feb 7, 3:50am
You can all a non member on what is called viberout. you pay 12 cents a minute for mobile calls and I think 3 cents a minute to land lines, although Im not sure how the land line calls work if the land line is not going through wifi?

So Im not sure if 0800 numbers etc are classed as viberout calls and you have to pay 12 cents a minute for them.

comadi, Sep 5, 7:21am
Ok to answer my own question for all those interested ;-)
Toll free numbers are only free in the USA. So thats 12 cents a minute to ring 0800 83 83 83 :-)
And you can't text a non viber number through viber.

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