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carter441, Apr 9, 4:28am
I am wanting to make "documents" that I can put on my facebook page. I will be wanting to add my logo to photos and pictures. I am also wanting to make "documents" that have say a quote with my logo at the bottom. What program do I create these "documents" in please? I have windows 8.

suicidemonkey, Apr 9, 4:36am
Depends. Are you wanting to put them on Facebook as photos or upload them as documents?

To create a document, use Microsoft Word or Publisher. Or a free alternative would be Libra Office.

If you want to make images, use a free image editing program like GIMP.

carter441, Apr 9, 4:39am
I am wanting to put them on Facebook. I had a feeling using the word "document" might confuse things. I just didn't know what else to call it!

ross1970, Apr 9, 4:42am
Inkscape and/or Gimp.

suicidemonkey, Apr 9, 4:43am
Any of the programs I mentioned above will work - you'll just need to export your final project out to a JPEG image to upload to Facebook.

If your image is quite basic, I'd use one of the Office programs. For more advanced stuff, GIMP is best. but it does have more of a learning curve.

_drdee_, Apr 9, 4:43am
Gimp is a photo editor and is free. Not good for doing bulk text, but perfect for a by-line or short phrase and logo to photos. Bit of a learning curve but plenty of tutorials on youtube.

r.g.nixon, Mar 8, 2:20am
I use PhoXo to put text on images. Small, fast, free.

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