GreyPower Magazine advertising andriod tablets

tisi2, Apr 5, 8:51am
on pg 40 for those subscribers a half price offer on an Android Smart Tablet for $99.50c plus 16GB MicroSD Card $29.95 or 32GB MicroSD $49.95c and postage $9.95. it all seems very reasonable . but it doesnt give a Trade name at all. wonder if any if you readers may have also seen this and if you think it may be a good buy. it looks very easy to use. but as i dont have a Wi Fi on my computer would you have to be linked to Wi Fi to make this work. (i do have broadband and run Windows7) or would I have to invest in one of those modums also. it reads the built in Wi Fi adaptor will find your wireless network. The micro-USB port can also be ued to attach a 3G adaptor if a wireless network is not available. be very appreciative on any help re this Android Tablet and would it be worth pursing. it sounds and looks pretty straight forward. thanking you.

newbie5, Apr 5, 10:13pm
If you dont have wifi at home then you could take it out with you and access internet anywhere there is free wifi like libraries or some places down town

vtecintegra, Apr 5, 10:15pm
You get what you pay for - those no name tablets are universally garbage.

king1, Apr 5, 10:23pm
is it just me or do those microsd cards look hellishly expensive

tisi2, Apr 6, 11:01am
Thankyou everybody for your comments. yes it looks like a good deal but then like you say the microsd cards most prob very expensive so that adds to the cost . guess be best to buy one with a well knowen trade name. thankyou for your replies

flower_tears, Apr 6, 12:40pm
And while looking for decent tablet, give your ISP a call and ask to replace your non-wireless modem/router with wireless one, many will chuck you one in the mail if you know how to push them, otherwise, there's heaps on special at the moment.

cookee_nz, Apr 6, 8:12pm
Yes, and not only that but if your old one is only ADSL (ie an early d-link non-adsl2 or adsl2+) then you'll get a speed boost as well. Most isp's will give you a new WiFi Router but may want you to commit to a 12 month term, not a problem for most consumers.

tillsbury, Apr 6, 10:02pm
Watch out for no-name Android tablets. There are hundreds about and most of them are worth exactly what you pay for. A better tablet is always worth the extra, particularly if you go for something like a Nexus.

tisi2, Apr 6, 11:47pm
Thankyou kindly for all your advice. very helpfull and wil take all your comments on board . just wish i had a technology brain though. : }

alaine4, Apr 7, 8:21am
tisi2 I bought an HP 8" tablet running windows 8 with 32 gig of memory for $169 from Noel Leeming

mazdasix, Apr 7, 9:07am
Even those cheaper HP tablets aren't overly reliable. The minimum I'd recommend is a Nexus 7 which you can pick up for around $300.

dinx, Apr 7, 9:17am
There are often good deals around from retailers for $99 and then you have better bacup if there is a fault, the low cost tablets do have a higher % or out of box faults, they save $ on quality control.

Bit hard to truely compare without knowing any specs, I've seen awesome tablets of special at $99 (I got a 16GB quadcore HP Slate extreme at that from JBHiFi) but it was the last one. But I have also seen places like Harvey Normans charge that for absolute rubbish specs. Your computer may not be wifi, but I think you would need to add that as it would be a pain without.

I hate to sound rude, but what is your eyesight like? 7" tablets are small if you are reading a lot of text and more so if they are lower resolution screens. I have older family members that find our 7" ones too hard but are fine with a bigger 10.1" screen. I know you can zoom and adjust but they found it difficult. I would have a play with what you can find in the shops before you buy.

The warehouse often have reasonable specials on entry level HP models etc

mr-word, Apr 7, 10:08am
uh oh.

tisi2, Apr 7, 10:36am
Thankyou kindly eveybody. I wont go ahead with this one from the Grey power magazine and will compare brands prizes sizes etc first before buying but your imput has been very much appreciated . Thankyou

oclaf, Apr 7, 9:55pm
The whole package looks hellishly expensive for generic "aPads". Run a mile from those things. Better off buying an entry level or used ASUS, ACER, HP, Samsung thing for the same price. At least you know it's going to work as advertised. The generics I've had experience have all been nothing more than glorified paper weights. Sluggish, unresponsive screens, hardware crippled, software crippled. Basically unusable and only serve to give the Android platform a bad name.

Sounds like someone trying to make a quick buck by flogging off pseudo-cheap crap to vulnerable people.

nice_lady, Apr 7, 11:32pm those cards on your 'deal' are expensive ! shop around and DO use it's excellent

tisi2, Apr 8, 2:09am
Thankyou oclaf and nice_lady . yes the more i read the article the more unsettled i feel bou it. thankyou for the pricespy site too nice_lady. first I've heard about that . will store it in favourites. thankyou

calista, Apr 9, 4:37am
nice_lady Thanks for posting the pricespy info. I too have added it to my favourites.

tigger8, Mar 9, 2:14am
and GreyPower card holders get 8 cents off fuel @ Challenge Stations

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