K9-PC Fixer

treens2, Feb 17, 4:34am
Anybody purchased on line, keen to hear your thoughts,.Thanks

nice_lady, Feb 17, 4:45am
Very likely a waste of money. What is wrong with the PC? What do you want to achieve? What makes you think you need this software?

king1, Feb 17, 5:58am
Eset is spitting tacks at the download page. I would suggest its crap.

king1, Feb 17, 5:59am
interestingly, its a rebrand of systweak (more crap)

chnman, Feb 17, 7:47am

cookee_nz, Feb 17, 9:44am
Doesn't the title tell you enough already? 'K9', its a dog! Spend your money on a professional

lostdude, Jul 30, 10:02am
A google search results with links to the application on only the first 2 hits. The rest are links to instructions on how to remove it LOL

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