Xferring folders from computer to external hard dr

i have recently bought a new computer but not up and running yet and everyone tells me its easy just buy an external hard drive and transfer your existing folders onto it . its an WD the info i have off the WD help site is to copy and paste at your destination. ok so i can copy my folders but where is the WD destination on my computer, i have found in 'my computer' the new hard ware when the hard drive is plugged in but no were to 'paste'. is there any easy way or as i really don't know what i'm doing should i get some one who does :)

geek_bubbles22222, Jun 3, 1:38 pm

once the computer recognises the WD drive, as it seems to have, you can then right clik one time on an item you want to copy to that drive and on the menu that comes up you'll see 'send to - WD ' or whatever the drive is called just left click that and it'll copy that file/folder to the WD drive.

geek_nice_lady, Jun 3, 1:48 pm

Are new computers divided into drives like they used to be? The operating system is in a drive on it's own. Then you have a drive for your data.

In your filing list on the new computer there should be libraries under the heading desktop. Thats the place to drop your music, photos, videos and other file folders. These libraries are basic but you can designate your own as well.

geek_jhan, Jun 3, 1:58 pm

geek_rz_zone, Jun 3, 2:11 pm

awesome thanks

geek_bubbles22222, Sep 21, 3:05 am

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