Vid's on facebook slow as to load -ok on you tube?

titivator, Apr 20, 6:41am
Asus- i5 Win7 Pro- 12g ram- Vids on facebook take several minutes to load but ok on you tube- have I got something not right here-- Please excuse the ignorance ! Thanks in advance to any ones help !

apollo77, Apr 20, 7:27am
Try loading Chrome- or better still get your amazing husband to do it for you. so lucky to have such a man in your life girl !

r.g.nixon, Apr 20, 10:01am
It is Facebook's fault. I either don't play them, or use an add-on to download them and play offline.

apollo77, Apr 20, 9:40pm
If it was a facebook issue - then it would be the same problem using Chrome. and only with the ASUS. ?

r.g.nixon, Jan 29, 7:56am
Ok it might be a combination of a Firefox and Facebook problem.

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