Problem with ipad

I have been getting increasingly frequent messages stating there was a problem with the webpage so it has had to be reloaded. Can anyone throw any light on why this is happening please? Is there something I need to do to solve it once and for all? Is it an indication that it is on the way out?

geek_hilt_dwane, Aug 1, 8:07 pm

What version of iOS are you running? Go in to settings, click General then About, and look under "Version" part way down. The later the version the better with iPads, the current one is 8.4.

And then open the App Store and make sure there are no updates to be done.

geek_tillsbury, Aug 1, 9:48 pm

Yes I have version 8.4

geek_hilt_dwane, Aug 1, 10:06 pm

Basically the modern web is a demanding place and the limited memory in the iPad is going to cause the occasional hiccup or two

geek_vtecintegra, Aug 1, 10:08 pm

I messaged my computer savvy son on FB and his answer was "Ipad is fine, just reset settings" without telling me how to do that. Sorry to be at the back of the class but I cant help not growing up with this technology :(

geek_hilt_dwane, Aug 1, 10:11 pm

have you shut it down properly and/or killed all the open apps

geek_king1, Aug 1, 10:39 pm

I close all programmes not being used, regularly (couple of times a day, at least). I turn off ipad by pressing the 1cm long black button on the side - is there another way?

geek_hilt_dwane, Aug 1, 10:45 pm

Double click the home button and swipe each open window upwards.

geek_nzdoug, Aug 2, 3:14 pm

To reboot it completely hold that button down for 5 seconds, until it asks you to swipe to turn off. Then click again to restart it. Shouldn't have to do that particularly often though.

geek_tillsbury, Aug 2, 3:20 pm

Thats what I do to close windows

geek_hilt_dwane, Aug 2, 6:34 pm

Thanks Tillsbury, I never do what you suggested but did it just now so will wait and see if things improve. I did notice that almost all the time when I'm on TM and click to enlarge image, the problem occurs and I will likely only have my gmail and TM open. It does occur quite often when using other sites so isnt exclusively a TM issue

geek_hilt_dwane, Aug 2, 6:43 pm

Sorry to say that hasnt fixed it Tillsbury

geek_hilt_dwane, Aug 2, 8:14 pm

Do you have any other devices? and do they have similar problems? What kind of internet connection?

geek_king1, Aug 2, 8:21 pm

Computer and iphone. I dont use my phone much for internet (screen too small lol) but no problems that I know of there. You ask what kind of internet connection. ? Broadband with Trustpower. No fibre available here yet

geek_hilt_dwane, Aug 2, 9:06 pm

Check your date and time settings, there is only a time skew of 6 minutes tolerance so if they are out this could cause your trouble. The easiest way to rectify is to plug iPad into laptop and open iTunes. This will get time and date sorted.

geek_zaowl, Aug 2, 9:08 pm

Well I know there is a time difference of 2 min between TM time and that showing at top of the screen, however I will do as you suggest. Thank you

geek_hilt_dwane, Aug 2, 9:30 pm

I've had that happen to me I googled it and found you have to go into settings, then Gereral and then Reset and Reset all settings, you won't lose anything but you'll have to put your password to get into the internet again

geek_cossie5, Aug 2, 9:51 pm

Im getting the same problem but only the last 2 or 3 days and only on trademe

geek_nzdoug, Aug 3, 2:02 pm

Sorry cossie, that didn't fix it either

geek_hilt_dwane, Aug 3, 9:35 pm

I'm getting the same problem but only on TM, I am pretty sure it's a TM problem rather than an issue with any of our iPads. I have had it before when they have been running certain adverts in the side bar, but this time it seems to be a problem with no obvious cause.

geek_trader_spence, Aug 4, 11:43 am

Try another browser, works fine here using Dolphin.

geek_rz_zone, Aug 4, 12:15 pm

The ANZ ad freezes my browser until it finishes loading. It's a PITA

geek_joojoo_eyeball, Aug 4, 6:16 pm

This has been happening to me on trade me as well. Grrrrr.

geek_jaybee6, Aug 5, 1:39 pm

I have been having the same problem, it's not my iPad so must be the trademe app as it doesn't happen on any other site

geek_rastis1, Mar 20, 9:15 pm

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