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sharon.nz, Apr 30, 6:59pm
What does it mean when the auction details say 'Supports MMS/ SMTP/ SMS/ E-mail via GPRS Network " Is GPRS network is different than cell phone net work and what difference does it make.
What would I need to do to get this thing to send me sms and emails to my phone and camera? Is it simple? adding 'via GPRS' to the details on this item has thrown my brain into the no knowledge zone

skin1235, Apr 30, 9:50pm
my meagre knowledge says it is not Global Positioning System ( GPS ) related at all, in fact it does not use GPS satellites

its a non voice overlay on the cellular phone networks ( General Packet Radio Service ( GPRS )

basically if your cellphone will work from the cameras location it can be set to send an email and/or the pics to notify you it has been triggered

sharon.nz, May 11, 8:24pm
Its Listing #: 886462596

1. Support MMS/E-Mail Via GPRS Networks,DO NOT Support SMS.
2. The camera send MMS message through GPRS network,so before using this function,you need to open GPRS servise provider.
3. It support 2G GSM(850/900/1800/1900MHz), 3g WCDMA(2100MHz).DO NOT Support other Networks Sim Cards.

Ok so heres the listing details. My cell phone works from where the camera will be but the DO NOT Support other Networks Sim Cards comment is vague. I'd be buying one of these in From Australia so I need to be sure

shakespeare6, May 11, 8:39pm
Gprs is an old 2g standard. It's basically slow speed data. In my industry we used it extensively early 2000 right up to a couple of years ago. It was a big jump up after carrier switched data. We now use 3g services. Gprs is still commonly used and surported by vodafone. There are still a lot of 2g devices out there. If your trying to stream video - forget it. Stills will be OK in lower volumes think from memory the over air speed was only about 100kbit/s

sharon.nz, May 11, 9:53pm
I contacted Spark via their face book page and here is their response. A previous member said pretty much the same thing hense their comment about him being correct.

Spark Hi Sharon, thanks for your message. Andrew's message is correct - as we don't have a 2G network, and our 3G 2100Mhz is limited to the larger cities; your mileage with this would vary. If you were planning to use it right in the middle of a large city (e.g. Auckland) you should be fine, but I'd highly recommend getting a unit that supports 850Mhz 3G (WCDMA) instead just to ensure that it works in far more places.

The "Do not support other networks' SIM Cards" comment definitely is vague; and perhaps suggests that it might be network locked - but you may need to enquire directly with the seller about that. ^Daniel

sharon.nz, Dec 1, 10:00pm
Thanks for your reply Shakespeare6

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