Accessing a Fiber Modem

Am changing from the vodafone DSL modem to the fiber box soon and just wondering if you can still change settings inside the modem itself ie number of connections, and strength etc etc like you could on the other modem.?

geek_doggybear, Aug 4, 11:56 am

The fibre box (optical network termination) belongs to the network, so no, you can't change any settings.

However, you plug your router into the ethernet port on their ONT, and you can change every setting in your router.

geek_gyrogearloose, Aug 4, 11:58 am

So that must be a yes . Thank you

geek_doggybear, Aug 4, 12:09 pm

Yes you can. The Huwai router they give you seems pretty open on the standard settings, eg wireless encryption settings, strength etc. Nevery had any issues with number of connections.

I did have problems with the router in the end, but had very limited success in switching to an Asus version. Better to try and get their one working for you if you can.

geek_mr_bond, Mar 31, 9:04 pm

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