Hardware acceleration. help please

I am suddenly having a problem with 1 of my laptops. When I opened Solitaire game I got this message on screen -

Software rendering mode
Hardware acceleration is either disabled or not supported by your video card driver which could slow game performance. Make sure you have latest video driver installed & hardware acceleration turned on.

I was able to open game but cards don't move off the stacks dealt. It was OK few days ago, not today.
This is an oldish but a goody laptop. IBM ThinkPad running Win7. Had it refurbished bout year ago and use as a spare. Can't seem to find how to fix. Have gone online here -


to try and solve and supposedly updated its driver software, but problem still persists, hope someone can advise Thanks :)


geek_missrat, Mar 28, 4:20 pm

not a pro here but I would go to Microsoft update web site and do all the optional updates.


geek_zak410, Mar 28, 5:05 pm

geek_mr-word, Mar 28, 5:53 pm

as above
software rendering is when software/cpu is used to display graphics. Typified by a lot of artifacts on the screen when dragging/moving explorer windows around.

Update the video drivers. Go to manufacturers support website and download from there

geek_king1, Mar 28, 5:59 pm

Thank you or advice all :)

geek_missrat, Mar 29, 7:34 pm

Still having same problem as above.
How do I determine the manufacturers of the video driver for this machine ?
Ta :)

geek_missrat, Mar 31, 10:15 am

The same manufacturer as the laptop brand.

geek_r.g.nixon, Mar 31, 10:43 am

Thanks. silly me of course

geek_missrat, Mar 31, 3:42 pm

Not always silly. Sometimes (rarely) one has to get drivers from the chipset manufacturer - Intel, Gigabyte etc.

geek_r.g.nixon, Mar 31, 5:16 pm

geek_king1, Mar 31, 5:55 pm

Thanks for input King1 Tried there but doesn't seem to have my model

geek_missrat, Mar 20, 3:56 pm

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