Domain email address help

3rothers, Aug 30, 8:27am
I have created a domain name for my business and created an email. But I cant get access it.
Can anyone help me please.

timy15, Aug 30, 9:06am
Is it with cpanel?

-bookzone-, Aug 30, 9:40am
One of these formats should allow you to access it, if this is the mode of access you are looking for:

black-heart, Aug 30, 9:44am
you might want to tell us what service you used. And perhaps why that service can't provide the info.

3rothers, Aug 30, 11:03am
yes, it does have a control panel.

3rothers, Aug 30, 11:06am
The service I used is Domains4less. I have gone into the control panel and set up the email, and subscribed to the domain name and email hosting.

3rothers, Aug 30, 11:08am
I have been in contact with the service but they say there is no errors and they don't understand why it wont work.

timy15, Aug 30, 11:28am
Can you access the email via cpanel? I set up the email in cpanel, and then add it to my outlook to access.

lythande1, Dec 29, 3:11am
What do you mean subscribed? You log in via control panel.
You set up your browser with the new email details and then read/send them.

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