Spark broadband help desk address

I am off-shore and, as usual, I have issues in sending my domain mail. I have altered the old Telecom customer help address to use SPARK but that mail rejects.

I am not inclined to telephone from the other side of the world and it just occrred to me that some one in the page will know the SPARK help desk address.

Thanks in advance

geek_footplate1, Apr 6, 6:08 pm

geek_king1, Apr 6, 6:21 pm

Thanks for this, I wish I had known before I left NZ. The Spark person I spoke with didn't even mention this option. However, I have given up after 10 minutes into the "expected wait time is less than a minute". Will try again later. Thank you

geek_footplate1, Apr 6, 6:41 pm

If you learned how to configure simple things like smtp server settings you have to do this. Baby level computing.

geek_spyware, Apr 6, 6:52 pm

Had to make some changes the other day and found the chat line very helpful

geek_raf55, Mar 19, 10:19 pm

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