Photo storage

Photos from my android phone are saved automatically to google +. however the quality is very low compared to the photo's in my camera.
I have heard people talk about dropbox and other cloud storage sites.
What do you think is the best free cloud storeage site, preferably one that does not downgrade your Photo's?

geek_don1751, Mar 23, 6:21 pm

dropbox is fine if you don't have too many GBs,

geek_king1, Mar 23, 6:27 pm

You can choose which size gets backed up to G+ - set it to 'Original' and there is no loss in quality.

MS Onedrive and Dropbix are two alternatives.

geek_vtecintegra, Mar 23, 6:36 pm

geek_soneyah, Apr 26, 5:22 am

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