Libre Office date help required.

How can I use Libre Office to work out a day in any particular year based on the Year and the number of days in a year. For example: If the year is 2015 and the number of days is 177, then I expect to see the Date value returned of 2015-06-26. Two input cells "Year" and "Number of Days in Year". Thanks.

geek_badcam, Jun 25, 10:53 am

geek_nice_lady, Jun 25, 11:09 am

something like =DATE(YYYY; 01; 01)+DD should do it
replacing YYYY and DD with reference to the appropriate cell

geek_king1, Jun 25, 11:18 am

Thank but all the functions seem to go the other way. You need to input a date such as 2008-03-23. I'm looking to arrive at that result using a Year & Number of Days in Year.

geek_badcam, Jun 25, 11:18 am

Thanks. =DATE(B14,1,D14) seems to be doing the trick.

geek_badcam, Jul 25, 11:03 am

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