Restoring MS Office without the disk

trinaandandrew, Jun 28, 4:05am
We've had a nasty virus removed from our laptop, but they had to delete a lot of programs to do it - Microsoft Office has gone and we need to restore it. Cannot find the original disk but we have the installation key.
I've gone thru Microsoft's website which directs me to My Account, which if I have one, would be an old email address (could be one of a few) which are no longer in use, so even trying to guess the right email address and password from 5 or so years ago, I don't hold much hope.
Is there anyway we can get our Microsoft Office back without the disks?
Thanks to any experts who reply :)

rose22, Jun 28, 4:51am
I had similar problem couple years back, I rang them a d thy helped me do it, cant remeber how but they helped.sorry cant be more help.

asmawa1, Jun 28, 5:11am
I've got absolutely no idea where this link will take you, but it may help.

brycer, Jun 28, 5:16am
0800 800 004
Microsoft NZ helpdesk

r.g.nixon, Jun 28, 5:23am
If you dleted it instead of uninstalling, you could repair it through Control panel > Add./Remove, or Program Features. The repair will use the .msi file which may still be on your computer.

trinaandandrew, Jun 28, 6:19am
Thanks, tried that and it said our key "wasn't eligible for free download". I don't want a free download, I want back what we paid for! Time to search the house for the disks! Thanks anyway!

trinaandandrew, Jun 28, 6:20am
It would seem they have uninstalled it, as it's not available to add. But thanks anyway.

trinaandandrew, Jul 14, 9:10pm
I think this is my best bet, will give them a call on Monday. Thank you :)

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