Slow booting Vista laptop.

budgel, Apr 16, 11:41pm
I recently ran a Malwarebytes scan on my computer, only PUPs showed up, which I got rid of.
I later ran a Ccleaner scan to get rid of the dross , as I hadnt cleared out anything for ages.

My computer now takes a very long time to boot up. I have looked online and one suggestion was to remove unwanted programs from the startup.
What is the easiest way to identify which ones to remove?

cookee_nz, Apr 17, 12:12am
Before tinkering with the startup, check the installed programs from control panel and remove from there anything you want to get rid of. Start with things you know exactly what they are, maybe installed a demo or something but no longer use. Any games you don't play should be gone. Anything you don't know leave alone until you can google it or come back here and ask. Anything you remove this way will probably no longer be in the startup programs and makes that next step easier also. Look also for competing Antivirus programs, McAfee, Norton etc are often installed as free demos but not only do they take space but can also compete for control of any alerts. Divide and conquer! :-)

pcmaster, Apr 17, 12:19am
yep, go through your installed programs list, and make a seperate list on a sheet of paper, (or run notepad, and type it) of what you actually use, and see what you can also replace with lighter versions or alternatives

like replacing adobe reader with sumatrapdf for instance - sumatrapdf is lighter and doesnt have background processes that run at boot time like adobe reader does

cookee_nz, Apr 17, 12:20am
PS; 'Vista'?, while I won't knock Vista (still use it on an older lappy myself), it will have been some years since it was first installed. You'll get the best performance boost from a clean start - backup and reimage, you'll be surprised at the difference.

zak410, Apr 17, 1:28am
You can disable start-up programs from Ccleaner, and this site helps deciding what's needed:

wayne416, Apr 17, 2:26am
Windows sidebar will slow start-up and also right click on power icon lower right, click power options and set to performance mode.

budgel, Apr 17, 12:08pm
Thanks guys, I've removed a lot of stuff I wasnt using and there is a noticeable improvement. I am giving SumatraPDF a try too, as I was always getting notifications re adobe.

mrfxit, Feb 9, 9:10am
Tugzip for zip files & Foxit for PDF's.
Both very light & handles all I can throw at them.

Adobe products have always been known as resource hungry

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