Help please.

fekim, May 5, 3:31am
Some sites which I have bookmarked have pictures which are now almost double in screen size. Happened overnight and I have no idea how to reduce them to "normal size. I've tried a system restore point to 3 days ago and it hasn't fixed the problem. I thought I could right click and a screen resolution thing might have come up, but it hasn't. Damned annoying when you have to keep sliding the bar over to keep reading the page. Any advice will be appreciated.

kew, May 5, 4:20am
Press Ctrl & Minus several times

schizoid, May 5, 4:58am
or use google

r.g.nixon, May 5, 5:22am
Ctrl & 0 = normal
Ctrl & + = zoom in
Ctrl& - = zoom out

fekim, Dec 17, 10:22am
kew & r.g.nixon All good now. Thanks for your replys. As for the other.

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