How to block phone from accessing internet

datoofairy, May 11, 8:06pm
I am wanting to know how to block my daughters phone from accessing our home wifi via the modem please. Its a new Vodafone modem. I'm at work so can't tell you the model sorry. It has the digital display on the front if that narrows it down. I can see all the connected devices in the settings and it shouldn't be too hard to work out which is her phone. Once I've determined which is her phone, how do I block it please? I want to be able to block and unblock whenever I want to.
Thanks ???

trade_menow, May 11, 8:46pm
Mac filtering

cat286, May 11, 9:28pm

datoofairy, May 11, 10:07pm
Thank you both, i will sort it when I get home tonight ???

paix1, May 12, 12:26am
. exactly!

datoofairy, May 12, 12:32am
I put a block on her Sim card, and as she doesn't have the password or email address for her phone account, she can't unblock it
I agree if she really wanted to she could unblock it via the modem but I know she won't for several reasons.
Of course, in theory she could just get another sum card, but again, she won't.

newbie5, Nov 30, 8:09pm
I cant access my home wifi with my phone I dont know why as it will connect elsewhere to other wifi's

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