SMS not delivered - when do they give up?

mcscottwgtn, Apr 8, 1:21am
I understand if you send a SMS/text and the recipients device is off or out of range your cellular provider will keep trying for a certain period. Any idea how long they try for? I am will Spark. No idea of the other side, or if it matters.

tillsbury, Apr 8, 1:55am
When we used to have rubbish reception I could often receive a text two days after it had been sent.

tail_red, Apr 8, 4:50am
Standard IP packets have a TTL (time to live) value of 64 or 128 hops/relays; when this expires, the packet self-destructs. I believe SMS follows the same or a similar principle, otherwise those invalid and undelivered messages will just clog up the airwaves.

mcscottwgtn, Apr 8, 9:46am
Ok, so how many days would it try to send the message before marking as overwrite-able.

tail_red, Apr 8, 1:07pm
I have no idea, but if my assumption is correct, they will retry periodically for a set number of times, after which, the message is discarded. Anyway, they won't retry indefinitely, that's for sure.

bwg11, Mar 7, 7:55pm
Just had a situation yesterday and today. Three texts sent to a switched off mobile were delivered today when the phone was switched on. Both Spark phones. Not sure if they retry a set number of times of if there is simply a time limit before they expire.

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