Phones from overseas

chphilp, Apr 1, 8:52am
Can anyone tell me if a phone from overseas would work on our networks? They say it's unlocked, and will, but just wondering if anyone has bought from overseas and used here. Looking at some on ebay stores. Thanks

vtecintegra, Apr 1, 9:13am
Depends on which bands it supports and which network you intend to use it on

chphilp, Apr 1, 9:14am
2 degrees. Don't know much about smartphones - it's Samsung S4 I'm looking at.

camper18, Apr 2, 7:51am
Unlocked phones from Oz work fine here.

lunar2, Apr 3, 6:50am
I got a Samsung 4G Phablet from sydney airport duty free, brought it back here, couldn't get the 4 g working had get an new update and flash the phone all good now, works on 2 degrees 4G.

brycer, Mar 27, 10:04am
Your call but why would you bother. Yes it will work if it is unlocked and uses a SIM card, but chances are it is a non genuine Samsung or you get ripped off. and then waiting and paying the GST at customs here if $400 or more INCLUDING freight. and then you will be asking questions on here as to why it won't do this or do that and why 4G doesn't work. etc etc. Why not support local and have local support, local warranty and consumer guarantees act on your side. Pretty sure 2 degrees do similar interest free and $10 a week on a plan.

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