Where to get a new screen for ASUS netbook?

Unfortunatly I dropped my netbook when away on holiday and now the screen is cracked. I pulled it out and the P/N is HSD121PHW1.

It is an ASUS 1215P.

Where is the best(cheapest) place to get a new screen?

geek_tygertung, Aug 13, 6:15 pm

geek_king1, Aug 13, 6:20 pm

or you could go to TM :-) http://www.trademe.co.nz/computers/laptops/other/auction-930168243.htm not bad considering the lousy exchange rate and lack of support

geek_d.snell, Aug 13, 6:33 pm

Yeah I did see on Ali express but I don't know how risky it is ordering things off there.

geek_tygertung, Aug 13, 6:58 pm

Not risky just check feedback on items page, feedback of store and click the chat now button and chat in real time with seller. If you don't get the item within certain time its free. When you pay for item Alie holds on to the money and doesn't forward it to seller until your happy. The items on Aliexpress are the same quality be it good or bad as you get anywhere else, just a matter of doing your homework, choosing wisely and knowing exactly what you want. Take between 7 and 60 days to get here with free postage, mostly around 14-21 days. Good luck.

geek_wayne416, Aug 13, 8:31 pm

In this case it would be. Not because of the marketplace, but rather delivery. It'll exchange hands quite a few times before reaching its destination, then factor in the time and fragility of the item; too much risk IMO.

geek_lostdude, Aug 13, 9:11 pm

Got one for a Chromebook fine off a seller in US of the e place from laptop-recyclers.

Shipping is high thou but still cheaper than getting here but got here fine. Was about $25 shipping from US, but the again one of the TM sellers wanted $20 shipping from Auckland!

Enormous packing for 11.6" screen but I think they have same standard box size for all screens. I would have opted for China based seller for cheaper but was Chinese New Year at the time, as it was it got stuck in snowstorms in the US around Chattanoga! Was here in 2-3 weeks I think.

geek_dinx, Feb 16, 10:27 am

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