TV or Monitor for external?

59walker, Dec 20, 6:12pm
My sons 14inch laptop screen is cracked and I was wondering which would be best. a small HD TV or an external monitor? Both seem to be the same price. Laptop max resolution is 1366x768. He really only uses it to play minecraft and to skype. Laptop has 8 gig of ram if that makes any difference. Any suggestions please ? TIA

59walker, Dec 20, 9:08pm
any suggestions please?

oclaf, Dec 20, 9:22pm
No, your max resolution will be considerably more than 1366x768, that's just the small laptop screen res. You don't want your resolution to be less than 1920x1080 16:9 or 1680x1050 16:10 unless you're getting a tiny screen.
You're effectively turning the laptop into a desktop so I think 22"-24" is the sweet spot for a regular desktop monitor. More than that takes too much space and (in my opinion) is a bit too big to sit right in front of. Less than 20" is really too small.
If you get a 720p "HD" TV you will be horribly disappointed, they don't have enough pixels. TV's have to be at least 1080p (marketed as "Full HD") to be usable as a monitor.
The 4k HDTVs are awesome if you want to splash out for Christmas.
You'll also want a separate keyboard and mouse.

59walker, Mar 13, 2:04pm
Thanks for your help! Appreciated.

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