Nokia Lumia 530 messaging isues

Can anyone help. My daughter has the above phone. No SD card in it. Whenever she receives a text the message appears in a random date order making it almost impossible to find in a conversation thread. Any suggestions how to fix this as neither of us can find anything in settings etc. probably an easy fix for someone who knows this stuff! Thanks

geek_pom-pom, Apr 7, 10:15 am

Try a soft reset . To do a proper soft reset, press and hold Volume Down + Power buttons for 10-15 seconds until the phone vibrates and turns off on itself (/!\ please ignore the slide down menu).

geek_theunicorn, Apr 7, 10:30 am

Is the time current?
I see this nearly once a week, the time has been changed from automatic, to manual, and it makes the text messages get time stamped from ages ago etc.
Also, the latest update from Windows broke quite a bit of functionality on the lumia 530, which is very disappointing, no fix as of yet.

geek_dylandylandylan, Mar 15, 11:18 am

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