Headphone dilemma

So DD has managed to bend the plug on her earphones a couple of times and it has now broken off inside the earphone hole on her iPad.

Has anyone had any success removing these? Would appreciate any tips as it now has no sound, thinking it has earphones plugged in.

geek_2smudge2, Jun 18, 6:51 am

Sounds suspiciously like you may need a phone surgeon to extract that little sucker. In saying that in my job we get various type of press fit (read rapid assembly) type fasteners that are designed to only be used once, and if they have to be removed they are ideally replaced with new ones, but due to the range of sizes and types that isn't always an option. They frequently break due to being old and brittle etc, and what we do to extract them is drill a tiny hole in the exposed end and then find a PK type screw that will fit and gently screw the PK in as far as we can and use the screw to extract the offender.

geek_therafter1, Jun 19, 1:05 am

How the hell does this happen? Geez people are rough.

geek_trevenco, Jun 19, 7:20 am

Small person, fairly thick case that is higher on one idea of the hole. Bend it a bit a couple of times and what do you know.

geek_2smudge2, Aug 7, 11:18 pm

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