Very slow computer
Is this normal? ive had cpu up yo 100% at times

geek_junk_shop, Apr 24, 12:02 am

I see Avast in the task bar and Mcafee in the system tray, both installed together is bad.
uninstall mcafee, presumably the trial version.

geek_king1, Apr 24, 12:13 am

yeah just downloaded avast. free mcfee with laptop but was slow before avast was instilled

geek_junk_shop, Apr 24, 12:20 am

Yep only run 1 anti-virus app.

What is the PC model/specs?

geek_suicidemonkey, Apr 24, 12:25 am

acer es1-441-c1wd removed mcafee now

geek_junk_shop, Apr 24, 12:30 am

that Celeron CPU is a bit eww. but it's no slower than the Core 2 Duo in my granddaddy laptop, and excusing the odd little hiccup, usually while waking from sleep, I wouldn't call my laptop slow.

Do a malwarebytes scan et al. Maybe check for any other sneeky installs you can get rid of too in the process list. Freshly bought laptops tend to come with a lot of unnecessary bloatware.

geek_schizoid, Apr 24, 12:38 am

the whole thing is slow like to refreshing this page take about a minute and stops and starts loading, take time for text to catch up same with the mouse cursor

geek_junk_shop, Apr 24, 12:58 am

Restart in Safe Mode With Networking - before you do your malware scans.

geek_r.g.nixon, Apr 24, 7:20 am

And I might add run Ccleaner first to remove old temp files etc, no point scanning items like that. Many AV and Malware cleaners can take quite some time to scan temporary internet files only to delete them anyway. Ccleaner, Malware Bytes and/or Adware Cleaner are good initial steps.

geek_cookee_nz, Apr 24, 8:24 am

69 background process's?
some you need
a Lot you don't
take a pic of startup items

geek_skin1235, Apr 24, 8:45 am

geek_junk_shop, Apr 24, 10:01 am

More ram will help - 2gb is nothing these days

uninstall the pokki crap and abDocs and ab_everthing else. Preinstalled crap on acers

geek_king1, Apr 24, 10:24 am

How do you know it only has 2GB? I cant see that.

geek_schizoid, Apr 24, 12:35 pm

Yeah the Acer website says 4gb

geek_suicidemonkey, Apr 24, 12:36 pm

Here's mine for comparison, old laptop 2GB ram, 8.1, memory normally around 25% idle but Pale Moon pushes it up running in the background.

geek_wayne416, Apr 24, 1:03 pm

me bad, I read the specs here but realize its a slightly different model

However the fact that in both screenshots memory usage was at 70-90% made me conclude 2gb - might be wrong in hindsite

geek_king1, Apr 24, 3:45 pm

What process is writing to the disk as this would be slowing everything down, maybe a faulty hard drive?

geek_loud_37, Apr 24, 5:49 pm

Sorry late up date im really not sure what i did things seem ok at the moment . is the memory still high?only have trademe up

geek_junk_shop, Apr 24, 11:50 pm

is it still lagging with operations? have you done anything that was recommended in this thread?

geek_schizoid, Apr 25, 12:55 am

yeah uninstall the pokki crap and abDocs,melware scan tho havnt done ccleaner ive only owned this for about two weeks

geek_junk_shop, Apr 25, 2:33 am

So you're saying its been this slow since you got it? That ain't right. How much RAM does it have BTW? If only 2GB it is possible that's a problem, but shouldn't be to the point you've made it sound.

geek_schizoid, Apr 25, 10:23 am

It started playing up wednesday night after 30 minutes or so would get really slow so turned off(also did restarts)would work fine and start getting really slow again after about 30 minutes ,Not sure on the ram ,Tho it is running better and with only one hiccup last night

geek_junk_shop, Apr 25, 1:08 pm

Are cooling fan/s running, build up of dust etc.

geek_wayne416, Apr 25, 1:10 pm

I'd be interested to see what's hogging the cpu in the first pic, where the cpu load is 32%.

Next time it goes on a big slow down, order the cpu column (if you can) and take a shot of that, or at least note the full name of the process that's maxing the cpu out.

geek_mark.52, Apr 25, 1:11 pm
Its satarted up again laptop has been on for about a hour

geek_junk_shop, Apr 25, 1:50 pm

geek_junk_shop, Apr 25, 1:52 pm

OK, from those screenshots I can see you do only have 2GB RAM. This is much more likely to be what is slowing you down, especially after you have had the computer running for a while and numerous tasks amount up to using up all your memory. I can see in one of those screenshots you are up to 1.7 GB usage of your total 1.9 usuable, so you're probably maxing out along the line.

Adding an extra 2GB of DDR3 SO-DIMM RAM should fix your issues.

geek_schizoid, Apr 25, 3:26 pm

Your PC is using 100% writing/reading to disk every time you notice it slowing down, what process is doing this, When it was running fine it was down to 1%.

geek_loud_37, Apr 25, 5:53 pm

with 2GB RAM maxed out it will be paging operations causing the disk thrashing

geek_king1, Apr 25, 6:05 pm

I'd also be suspect of windows updates being done in the background if the notebook is that new. If you don't force the updates, they can take up to a month to get installed. Even forcing them, you will need a good 4 hours or so for a new system.

geek_d.snell, Jan 17, 3:52 am

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