NZ Herald using untrustworthy

trade4us2, Apr 29, 8:35am
The NZ Herald is hanging for minutes on the website which is listed as:
Owner Country : Hidden
Website Location : United States
[Alert Result] The owner of the website is using a service to hide their identity
[Alert Result] This website has been reported as being untrustworthy
[Alert Result] This website/business has been given a low reliability rating by other websites

king1, Apr 29, 8:55am
its an ad server what did you expect?

trade4us2, Apr 29, 9:32am
Oh well the Herald is going to die soon anyway.
Where can we get news from apart from Herald and Stuff?
TV1, TV3 and radio I suppose. And Google News.

rojill, Apr 29, 10:43am
Hundreds of other and better sites around
Just don't use google to find them - better to use duckduckgo

simongreen_net, Apr 30, 11:32pm problem solved :)

lostdude, Dec 27, 8:01am

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