Mp4 to VCD ?

doggybear, May 17, 6:36am
Is it possible to convert a mp4 to be be burned onto a CD to be able to be played on a DVD player ?

r.g.nixon, May 17, 7:09am
Why use a CD rather than a DVD? It is going to be lower resolution.

schizoid, May 17, 7:30am
maybe it wont be bigger than 700MB anyway?

gyrogearloose, May 17, 11:28am
If the DVD player has the wording "DivX" or "MP4" on the front then there's a good chance they could copy the MP4 to a CDR without any conversion and it should play at the original resolution (assuming it's less than the 700MB already mentioned).

But sure, converting it to a VCD would reduce the resolution besides being time consuming.

doggybear, May 17, 11:38am
Thanks. Will burn to DVD. What would be the best conversion and burning program to use ? :)

r.g.nixon, Nov 13, 8:28pm
Devede & DVDFlick are sometimes mentioned for that. For burning, you will already have that - usually comes with your operating system.

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