Windows 10. Nothing happens when I left click on

the start button. Right click brings up a list. When first installed left click brought up tiles. How do I get them back please?

geek_nanju, Aug 27, 9:18 am


geek_king1, Aug 27, 12:54 pm

No that doesn't work, but thanks

geek_nanju, Aug 27, 5:19 pm

Just left click, on the start icon,( the square divided into 4parts icon) in the left hand corner, and it should bring up the tiles. You always click with the Left click for normal use. On the Start button always click with the left click for tiles, and the right click for written menu.
If you click the written menu and want it to go away, you just right click again and it will disappear.

geek_iwikiwi, Aug 27, 5:34 pm

Google your problem on the Microsoft forum, you may find others with the same issue. You can contact Microsoft but if they can't fix something easily they just try to get you to hand over the cash and they then remotely access your computer to search and fix the issue. All be it with your permission of course. Credit card at the ready I think not. would be interested to hear how you get on. Best of luck, when it works fine it's great when it doesn't it is soooooo frustrating.

geek_springgrove, Aug 28, 8:10 am

Temporary work-around, install
You might like and keep it.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 28, 9:06 am

Thanks for that. Everything looks better in that area now,

geek_nanju, Jan 7, 4:31 pm

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