Atx power supply palmerston north

kayjaycee, Jun 26, 1:30am
Anyone know where I can get a couple of used atx power supplies in palmerston north? I need them for a non computer project.

mrfxit, Jun 26, 10:00am
Depends on what size you need.
300w / 350w are pretty dang cheap & plentiful these days ;-)

pcmaster, Jun 26, 10:11am
this question, plus do you need a 20 or 24pin connector

kayjaycee, Jun 26, 8:40pm
Size and connectors don't matter. I am using them for benchtop power supply. to give me 12-15 volt DC.

duncb, Jun 26, 9:45pm
Best is to contact any computer shop that fixes computers. It is not uncommon for dud ones to still be able to supply 12 volts etc. I have a few lying around if you have no luck

mrfxit, Jun 27, 2:42am
Even more important, what Amps do you expect to need from each V supply

sqidlie, Jun 27, 3:40am
How do you intend to get a 15V rail suppy from these Power Units ?
I know they have 12 and 3 volt rails but aren't they common ground
and wont be a case of series connections

intrade, Jun 27, 11:05pm
also how reliable the voltage stability has to be? i did buy a 94% efficient psu because old psu are not lasting for ever and they make a lot of power fluctuation and that is what kills electronics over time, So it had to be a platinum psu for my new pc with a long warranty like all components only the best at lowest price . 350$ for my antech 850 watt platinum on my new pc i just made.

king1, Jul 16, 5:27am
you'd get 15 volts between the -12 rail and the +3.3 rail

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