Vintage computer thread.

Im having so much fun firing up my old 386 and playing dosgames the way they were meant to be played!

I had my 13YO cousin around and i showed it to him working and he did not have any idea what DOS was, and it was his first time he had seen a floppy disk! LOL

I ran wolfenstein 3D for him and he thought it was awesome lol!

Anyway im interested to see what the oldest system is that anyone is using here.

Ive got a couple of 386 machines and the odd motherboard etc floating around. I really wish i hung on to alot of this stuff as its getting hard to get nowdays.

I would love to get hold of a fully working 8086 system someday and see if i can get a working MFM or RLL drive to go in it.

geek_nzoomed, Aug 12, 9:40 pm

We have an Amiga 500 which we purchased in 1986. It still went last time I cranked it up. It was a great computer and pretty advanced for its day.

geek_mcdaff, Aug 12, 11:33 pm

Better to use DOSbox.
Old games. meh, you can't go back, nostalgia and reality, well you think how did I think those graphics were great?

Oldest PCs, probably a friend of mine who had a number running various UNIX versions, Xenix and so on.
How old? Really old. 286 and earlier.
Fixed one once, one of the "newer" ones, amazingly found a replacement MB.

geek_lythande1, Aug 13, 7:23 am

I've got a working ZX81 with 1K of RAM.

geek_tmenz, Aug 13, 8:49 am

Yeah, but are you "using it"? I'm not using my ZX80 either.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 13, 9:07 am

I did try to download Windows 10 on to it, but somehow it didn't seem to work.

geek_tmenz, Aug 13, 9:53 am

Wow a whole K of ram. Far more advanced than my XT, long gone, but I did find 3 x 5.5 inch floppies in the draw the other day. Should stat an auction - anyone want to play Lemmings.

geek_mcarky, Aug 13, 9:58 am

Got a 16K RAM expansion for a ZX81 lying around somewhere if you want it. Frustrated the hell out of me, would spend about an hour typing in a program and the bloody Expansion pack would fall off and I'd have to start again. Eventually got a tape to work with it, but even then, it took 20 minutes to load, and that's if you were lucky and the tape wasn't distorted.

Makes me laugh today when I see people complaining about having to click a link twice instead of once. They will never know how spoilt the are and how pathetic their 1st world problems actually are.

geek_d.snell, Aug 13, 12:09 pm

oldest things i currently have here is a couple of early pentiums (150MHz Skt 7s)

i've given everything else away, or scrapped it cos it literally died

geek_pcmaster, Aug 13, 12:35 pm

Still got a bunch of working Commodore PETs, and various other stuff from the era such as BBC, Acorn Atom, that kind of thing. My Lisa has died, sadly. I do have a Science of Cambridge MK14, but it's not currently working. Probably worth fixing.

geek_tillsbury, Aug 13, 1:35 pm

Ah, the infamous RAMpack wobble.
I have a 16k aftermarket RAMpack (Watford, I think) which failed and I never got around to fixing it!
I saw several 'solutions' to the wobble being implemented, including double-sided tape, custom made aluminium brackets, Blu-tak, Araldite and even soldering the connectors together! Nothing seemed to be 100% successful - good times.

geek_tmenz, Aug 13, 3:03 pm

I have an Apple SEII that still boots up, have a pile of games on a syquest disk, drive connected over SCSI.
Great for playing the Hobbit.

geek__drdee_, Aug 13, 6:50 pm

I dont know how anything could have ran with 64K of RAM let alone 1K lol

geek_nzoomed, Aug 13, 7:37 pm

Yeah but it had a whopping 20MB hard Drive, and operated on DOS 3.1, which considering how I feel about Win 10 today, it sounds very inviting

geek_mcarky, Aug 13, 8:12 pm

I have just received this morning a Dick Smith VZ-200. 32 Years Old, Plug & Play. A Great Video to Watch.

geek_techexpress, Aug 13, 9:13 pm

The ZX81 display memory took up 768 bytes of the 1K available which left bugger-all for the OS streams and scratch pad, let alone programme space!
This is why the 16K plug-in expansion RAM pack was essential to do anything at all useful!

geek_tmenz, Aug 13, 10:57 pm

If in Christchurch, go to the Christchurch City Council 'ECO STORE' on Blenheim Road. They recycle lots of rubbish stuff and sell to the public. There are lots of computers, laptops, and maybe printers there. Everything there is really cheap!

geek_iwikiwi, Aug 14, 6:11 am

Commodore 64 and amiga 1200. However, both have new hardware installed. The C64 has an SD card reader and the Amiga has a CF card reader, 128MB RAM and DVI output for modern monitors. Still play on both regularly and love them.

geek_rosiejoy, Aug 14, 7:22 pm

Ah, the "ole" Vic 20.

geek_rojill, Aug 14, 11:18 pm

Still have my IBM Aptiva 486, and an Amstrad CPC464. Chuckie Egg and Jet Set Willy were played the most on the later.

geek_babcorp, Aug 14, 11:58 pm

Just received my 486 CPU's in the post, brand new intel 486 DX2-66!

geek_nzoomed, Aug 15, 11:12 am

I still have a pile of software on 5.25" floppies. Also 3.5" discs, including Word and other Microsoft programmes.

Biggest frustration with my first Amstrad PC with Star NX10 printer in 1987, (cost $3,000) was it taking 15 minutes to print out a single page with graphics, that meant whilst it was printing, you couldn't do anything else. Six hours a day writing course notes and 2 hours a day printing them.

2 x 360k floppy drives, 1 for the operating system (GEM?) and one for software/data. Thought the next Amstrad PC with 20mb hard drive and colour was the bees knees - $4,500, about a year later.

Wife wrecked several joysticks playing 'Digger' - and regularly got to 60,000 points!

geek_socram, Aug 15, 7:27 pm

First computer was an Amiga, and that had me really interested in lots of subjects that were then regarded as computery (such as graphics and sound things) but are now just things in their own right (but obviously require a computer) but also programming to some degree (AMOS Basic). But I dropped it all for a few years before owning a computer again.

I have an emulator but never enough time to mess around with that stuff. Would like to in an ideal world.

geek_-mung-, Aug 15, 7:32 pm

Introduced my 7 year old grandson to Lemmings last school holidays. He was most impressed, and that is with him being a competent game player on his iPad.

geek_bwg11, Aug 15, 8:31 pm

lemmings was alot of fun! lol

geek_nzoomed, Feb 16, 3:16 am

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