Windows Media Centre

Hello Windows Media Centre has taken over my Microsoft programmes. ie. word,excel, explorer etc and when I click on one of the icons to open them it just opens windows media centre HELP PLEASE

geek_reporoa, Jun 23, 1:33 pm

sounds like this

either option should work - option 3 probably simplest

geek_king1, Jun 23, 1:44 pm

Thanks for the help King1 I appreciate your time
However when I click on the download it just takes me straight to Windows Media player

geek_reporoa, Jun 23, 4:36 pm

hold windows key and type R -> run dialogue comes up
type 'iexplore.exe' (no quotes) -> hit enter

type the address as you see it above in the address bar or you can copy/paste

geek_king1, Jun 23, 4:50 pm

Tried that King1 and when I hit enter the Windows Media player came up
This sure is a problem eh

geek_reporoa, Jun 23, 5:19 pm

Are there any things you CAN run OK

geek_king1, Jun 23, 5:25 pm

Windows media Centre has also taken over Norton Malwarebytes and most programmes. The only way I can get on to Trademe is clicking on the gmail shortcut which opens explorer then click the trade me shortcut and go to communities. I can still get my gmail

geek_reporoa, Jun 23, 5:33 pm

type the link above into internet explorer then. dont click the link

geek_king1, Jun 23, 5:44 pm

do the ones that don't work have the little arrow in the bottom right of the icon. wondering whether its the links or the exe files that aren't working

geek_king1, Jun 23, 5:45 pm

try doing a system restore to before the problem occurred.

geek_black-heart, Jun 23, 5:48 pm

Managed to get Malwarebytes going and did a complete scan Result nothing so the problem is still there.
Blackheart thanks for the advice but I cannot loadSystem resore it goes straight to Windows media centre
King1 the arrow on the icons is on the left on my computer and ifvthe icon pic now has a windows sign they will not work

geek_reporoa, Jun 23, 7:34 pm

geek_wayne416, Jun 23, 7:41 pm

thanks Wayne416 but it will not load

geek_reporoa, Jun 23, 8:11 pm

you might have to vist those links on another computer. Ultimately you are trying to download a .reg file to reset the shortcut links defaults.

The link wayne posted has a complete set - the one you want is the shortcut LNK reg file, and perhaps the exe

Once you have it use a USB drive to transfer to your pc, then run from there

geek_king1, Jun 23, 8:23 pm

King1 Thank you once again for your assistance. It is people like you that make this site worthwhile. Well done and I do appreciate your efforts

geek_reporoa, Jul 29, 3:27 am

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